Service Rates

PC Source, Inc. works at the standard service rate of $100/hour but flat rates some repairs due to the nature of the repair.

For instance, virus removal requires that not only the troublesome file(s) be removed but that the system be scanned and associated files and registry entries be removed or corrected. Within a few hours the price of the repair is more than a new machine. Therefore, we flat rate virus removal at $100.

Another instance is Installing the Operating System onto a machine. Most of the installation is automated. There are a few times that user intervention is required, but mostly automated. If you have your installation CD/DVDs or there is a restore partition, we again Flat Rate the installation at $100. If you do not have your Drivers and we have to retrieve them from the manufacturer we charge an additional $50. We also perform all OS updates once the OS is installed.

Laptop repairs are another instance where the repair can quickly sky rocket. PC Source, Inc. will replace a laptop screen for $50 plus the price of the screen. Laptop screens usually run between $80 and $100. We also repair the internal power connectors at the flat rate of $200 plus the price of the connector. The internal connectors usually run between $10-$15.

Data Recovery is based on time plus the cost of the media to which we save the data. Music and Picture collections can get very large and have many duplicates. We simply save them all and let you sort them. This can cause a large cost in media if you have us use CD/DVDs as media. External drives are larger and generally a better choice.

We will be happy to come to your home to perform our services. There is a $50 trip charge and the standard $100/hour once on site. Bringing your system to us can save you alot but your system will be worked on in the order it was received which may delay the repair significantly.

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