Repair Service FAQs

Q. Why is a deposit required when I leave my computer for service?

A. The deposit covers the time required to diagnose the problem with your computer. Once the diagnosis is complete we can then give you a more accurate estimate of repairs required. If the system problem can be repaired during the diagnosis, we do so and there are no further charges. If further service is needed or parts require replacement, we call you for approval prior to proceeding.

Q.Why can you not tell me when my computer will be done?

A. In order to get everyone's computer back to them in the shortest time possible, we work on system in the order in which they arrive. We operate many workbenches and sometimes many system per bench in order to return your system to you as quickly as possible. How quickly your system gets repaired may depend on someone else's system being completed first.

Q. What is the "normal" repair time?

A. Most systems can be repaired in a few days. Others take longer for various reasons, such as extent of system corruption, parts that must be ordered or the number of systems already in line. If a part must be ordered please understand that we cannot repair your system until the part arrives and have no control over shipping unless you wish to pay for expodited shipping. When the part does arrive the repair can then continue.

Q. What will it cost to fix my computer?

A. Until the diagnostic is completed, we can not say. We do Flat Rate some services. Please see the Service Rate page. A diagnostic fee of $50.00 is required when you drop off the machine.

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