In October of 1990, Three friends decided to open a computer sales and service store in Wilkes County, North Carolina. Two of the three, Mr. Nick Blackburn and Mr. Bill Waddell had been building and selling computers from their home for some time. The Third, Fred LeFever had some experience in computer sales from time employed by another computer firm in Wilkes. Together they started PC Source in the Wilkes Mall using a small area that was once used as a cosmetics store. All the while maintaining their full time jobs.

Mr. Waddell was a system's analyst for a large corporation and as such was constantly on call. This in conjunction with being a new dad gave him very little time to pursue a second business. Because of this Mr. Waddell left the company after a few months.

Mr. Blackburn and Mr. LeFever continued to work their other jobs and took turns running the store. The store achieved some small success and continued to grow.

In 1993, a larger area next door came open in Wilkes Mall and PC Source moved into what was once a ladies clothing store. This area was much larger and they were able to carry more products. More Products means more business, they needed more help. The decision was made to take on another partner. This was Mr. Mike Hersey. Mr. Hersey was not a computer person but was a good salesman with manager abilities and a fast learner about computers. PC Source continued to be the place to buy a computer in Wilkes County.

In 1994, Mr. Blackburn grew tired of the retail side of the business and left to pursue other avenues. At this time, a young man named Mr. Chad Welch was working with PC Source while going to school. He was very knowledgeable in computers so Mr. Hersey and Mr. LeFever ask him to become a partner. After some thought he decided that he would and became a great asset.

In 1994 the company also moved out of the Wilkes Mall and opened in the present location in N. Wilkesboro. The constant decrease in profit margin from computer sales slowly took its course. The company continued to lose money and get further in debt. In 1998 Mr. Welsh was offer a job in Hickory, NC and left the company to take that job. Mr. Hersey followed soon after to pursue a job with the same company. This left Mr. LeFever without help and without the resources to hire more people.

After taking over PC Source, Fred LeFever and his wife Arliene refinanced and restructured the business. With the help of a hardware and software engineer, PC Source, Inc. became an ISP (Internet Service Provider) and this has grown into the mainstay of the business. The hardware and software engineers left after about one year and Mr. David Jorgenson was hired to replace the hardware engineer. The ISP has continued to grow and expand and the company still sells a good deal of computer hardware and networking services to the area. Mr. Randy LeFever has been of great assistance by assisting in hardware and web support. Randy was in the US Navy, but has become a full time member of the PC Source, Inc. team.

Approximately 2003/2004 Mr. Jorgenson left PC Source and regretably past away not long after.

April 2012, Mr. Fred LeFever pasted away suddenly. He will be greatly missed.

In March 2014 PC Source, Inc. went virtual. The brick and mortar store was closed but the business continues.

The PC Source team is always training to help you meet the challenges of your computer needs. Whether is it changing a component, setting up your own network or e-commerce business, the PC Source team can help. Drop us an e-mail or give us a call if we can be of any assistance.

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