IT Support Services FAQs

Q. How can PC Source assist my business? Big Question, Many Answers

A. Many businesses have administrators who got the position because they new a litte more than anyone else. They may be capable of the day to day operations like installing printers or software but may not be fully versed on the operation and maintenance of the network or server. PC Source, Inc. can, on an as needed basis, either by phone or by visiting your site, assist by performing the needed/required actions or train your admin in the necessary tasks. PC Source, Inc. works with both Windows and Linux.

A. PC Source can assist your business by providing business class computers. Many of the "Big Box" stores will sell you anything you walk in and pick-up. PC Source, Inc. strives to educate their customers to ensure you get what you need, not just what is cheap or on sale.

A. PC Source, Inc. can repair most of your existing machines when disaster strikes. Although not everything can be repaired, virus can be removed, simple data recovery can be accomplished, components can be replaced and software can be reloaded.

A. Most businesses has websites. PC Source, Inc. can assist you with design, updating, and local hosting of your website. PC Source, Inc. also provides DNS and Email services.

A. On occasion businesses need to setup, troubleshoot or modify their networks. Whether it is a simple workgroup or a domain environment, PC Source, Inc. has the technical expertise and experience to advise, assist and, if needed, repair your network.

A. Many businesses these days use Quickbooks ofr thier accounting needs. PC Source, Inc. is well versed in Quickbooks and how to set Quickbooks up for single and multi-user enviroments.

A. If disaster strikes, how long would you be down? Do you backup your data? Have you tried to restore from your backups? PC Source, Inc. can help you setup and verify a Backup and Recovery Plan for your business data, thereby minimizing your down time.

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